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Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program

Are you a bird enthusiast who wants to do more than just list?

The Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program is your chance to contribute to avian conservation while living in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Nestled within a 3,000+ hectare property in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Manu Biological Station & Biolodge is dedicated to discovering, understanding and protecting the spectacular ecosystems that stretch from the mystical cloud forests of the Andes to the pristine lowland jungles of the Amazon.

With 660 species of bird recorded at the station, Manu Biolodge is a birder’s paradise, and the bird volunteer program has been designed to provide a range of unique experiential learning opportunities for participants. From hoatzins and herons, to macaws and manakins, you’ll get the chance to interact with some of your favourite birds.

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone with a love of birds and a passion for protecting them, and no prior skills are required to participate.

Discounts apply for longer visits, and all proceeds from the volunteer program are reinvested directly back into science and conservation here at Manu Biological Station & Biolodge.

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Program Overview

The bird volunteer program at Manu Biolodge is centred around four key focus areas: building a bird haven, bioacoustics, surveying and science communication. Here’s an overview of just some of the activities that you’ll be involved in…

Building a Bird Haven

Manu Biolodge is home to two dedicated bird gardens – a hummingbird garden and a generalist garden – as well as a number of other curated birdwatching locations. You’ll be involved in maintaining these areas and turning them into the ideal habitats for the many spectacular bird species found here at Manu. Activities may include:

  • Cleaning and refilling hummingbird feeders
  • Placement of fruit and seeds in various locations
  • Building, painting and installing nest boxes
  • Composting waste to produce worms and larvae for tinamous and antpittas
  • General garden maintenance 

This aspect of the program is designed to ensure that Manu Biolodge is a paradise for birds and birdwatchers alike.


Much of the cutting-edge research being undertaken in avian conservation today is dependent upon bioacoustic monitoring – the recording and analysis of wildlife sounds in order to assess the overall health of ecosystems. Using state-of-the-art acoustic recorders, you’ll be involved in the development of a ‘heat map’ that monitors the distribution and abundance of the 600+ bird species here at Manu Biolodge. Activities in the Bioacoustics program will include:

  • Deployment and collection of acoustic recorders
  • Training in basic knowledge of bird vocalisations
  • Identification of bird species using Raven Pro/BirdNet software
  • Analysis and incorporation of data into the bird-monitoring project

Additionally, the raw data collected will be made available for various groups of researchers that are working in partnership with Manu Biological Station.


During your stay, you’ll be involved in daily birdwatching activities throughout our network of trails. Using a variety of citizen science apps, you’ll help document, record and monitor the station’s incredible biodiversity. Potential activities will include:

  • Morning and afternoon bird surveys
  • Monitoring of nest box occupants
  • Observations from the tinamou blind
  • UV light surveying for nocturnal, insectivorous birds
  • Uploading of observations to eBird, iNaturalist, Macaulay, Xeno Canto and more

This work will help us to better understand the dynamics of bird populations at the station. 

Science Communication

Whilst volunteering at Manu, we don’t just want you to enjoy our incredible birdlife, we want you to share your passion with the world. Using a suite of media technology, you’ll work with our resident photographer to create high quality educational videos about the many captivating bird species found here at Manu Biolodge. The Science Communication program will involve:

  • Use of high-tech equipment, including our mirrorless camera, drone and camera traps
  • Training in science communication for various audiences from our resident photographer
  • Creation of informative, bird-related videos
  • Distribution of content throughout our networks

The goal of this program is to encourage more people to get involved with the exciting world of bird conservation.

Are We Missing Something?

Don’t forget to tell us about your skills and how you can best contribute to the Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program during your time with us. Fill out our application form here.

Free Time

Manu Biolodge is a nature-lover’s paradise, and we want to make sure our volunteers get every opportunity to soak up all the amazing experiences on offer here in this pristine pocket of the Peruvian Amazon.

Volunteers will be expected to work approximately eight hours per day, five days per week, but the rest of the time is yours to spend as you like, and we have a range of fun activities available for you – no matter your interests. These include:

  • More birdwatching!
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Sunsets on the cable car
  • Night walks
  • Camping
  • Football/Volleyball
  • Movie nights
  • Board games
  • Bonfires

Additionally, there are a wide variety of exciting birding opportunities in the surrounding areas to explore on your days off. These could include: 

  • Wayqecha Biological Station
  • Manu National Park
  • Excursions along the Manu Road
  • Cock of the Rock Lodge
  • Tres Cruces Lookout
  • Hiking at Trocha Union
  • Mirador Pico de Hoz hummingbird garden

Let us know what your interests are and we’ll do our best to accommodate them during your free time.

Sample Itinerary

Who Are You?

The Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a love of birds and a passion for protecting the incredible biodiversity of the Andean-Amazonian ecosystems. Perhaps you’re a retired professional looking for a chance to learn more about your favourite birds, or a budding ornithologist wanting to gain experience in avian conservation. Whoever you are, if you’ve got a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference, you’ll be a great addition to the team here at Manu Biolodge.

Walking and some mild manual labour will be involved in the program, and temperatures are often hot and humid, so a reasonable level of fitness is recommended. However, accommodations can be made for people of all abilities. Our cabins are comfortable and mosquito nets are provided, but remember that you’re just one of the many creatures that will be calling Manu Biolodge home. Insects, spiders and snakes are not uncommon, but they’re generally harmless, and if you respect them, they’ll respect you.

If you have a particular set of skills that you think would be beneficial during your stay as a volunteer, don’t hesitate to let us know at 


Manu Biological Station is part of the not-for-profit organisation Conservación Amazónica. After covering food and accommodation costs during your stay, additional proceeds will go directly towards maintaining our conservation projects, and providing research opportunities for the next generation of Latin American scientists.

The volunteer program has a minimum length of 1 week, and a maximum length of 2 months, with discounts the longer you stay.

1 week: US$1200
2 weeks: US$2250
3 weeks: US$3150
4 weeks: US$3900
6 weeks: US$5000
8 weeks: US$5600

Bring a friend and receive a 5% discount per person!


  • Three delicious meals from locally-sourced supplies per day
  • Tea, coffee and drinkable water at all times
  • Accommodation in private cabins including mosquito nets (optional upgrade to waterfront cabins)
  • Transport to and from Cusco along the world-renowned Manu Road (optional upgrade to private bird-watching tour)
  • Training in a variety of avian conservation techniques
  • Rubber boots for field work
  • Activities and expeditions within the station


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal supplies (insect repellent, sunscreen, shampoo, etc.)
  • Activities and expeditions outside of the station
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance

Are you ready to contribute to bird conservation while living and working where the Amazon meets the Andes? 


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