Connect with Nature

Lodge & Facilities

We offer a comfort stay and a magnificent experience in one of the most remote environments in the Amazon.

Private Cabins

The six brand new cabins with floor-to-ceiling screened windows include comfortable beds (your choice of single or double) with mosquito nets, two Adirondack chairs, luggage and clothes rack, and a luxurious private bathroom.

Gardens & Trails

Enjoy more than 40 km of trails across many habitat types, such as bamboo forests, riverine habitats, pre-montane forests. Our gardens and trails provide the perfect spots for relaxed strolls as well as more energetic hikes.

Dinning Room & Cafeteria

Taste Amazonian flavors using organic and locally grown food from our farm-to-table restaurant. From delicious local fish to fresh herbs and vegetables grown in Manu’s organic garden.

Amazing Facilities

Discover the history of Manu’s property and learn more about our sustainability and conservation efforts, including fish-farming, science and education,  ancestral traditional knowledge, and more.

Close to Nature

Walk through more than 40 km of trails and enjoy the views and sounds in a wide variety of habitats, including rivers, waterfalls, secondary forest, lower montane forest, and old-growth rainforest.

Manu’s little friends

Manu’s Bird-collection

Manu’s little friends

Manu’s Bird-collection

Activities for All

Get inspired and reconnect with nature!

Explore beyond the beaten path and immerse yourself in the magic of the Amazon forests.

Trek to the Waterfall

Travel along the Piñi-Piñi river or hike through the montane forests of Manu until you reach the misty breeze of the Lucumayoc and Golondrinas waterfalls. There is no better escape than to hike around a series of waterfalls nestled in lush Amazon forest.

Nocturnal walks

Experience the Amazon forest and discover all the wildlife animals that shine at night. Nocturnal walks will give you a complete different perspective of what the Amazon looks like in the dark. From nocturnal monkeys, bats, potoos, to a wide diversity of frogs, moths, insects and many more!

Fishing Paco

Paco (Piaractus brachypomus) fish are an important local food source in the region. Manu runs sustainable Paco fish farms to enjoy a delicious and high protein local food. Join this unique local experience and learn the step-by-step of paco harvesting from ponds.

Visit Indigenous Communities

Manu neighbors two indigenous communities, Santa Rosa de Huacaria and Queros, that are home to three ethnic groups: Machiguenga, Wachiperi and Quechua. Plan a visit and immerse yourself in their ancestral culture and learn more about their engagement in conservation efforts.

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